I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother ★★★★

“I love you, I’m telling you so you won’t forget”

xavier is the master of helping people understand inexplicable feelings through film. i’m sure of it.

the amount of moments here that hurt my heart to see is absolutely ridiculous. often, people showcase either two extremes in parental relationships, being; full of animosity without love or love with no animosity. but here he shows how emotionally exhausting the middle-ground of those two types can be. to love someone so deeply and not be able stand anything about them. to highly respect and admire someone and yet feel intense disdain for every choice they make. to consistently trust someone who breaks that trust. to want nothing more but to get along with someone when you are endlessly reminded of how incompatible you are.

the relationship between hubert and his mother is the kind that isn’t discussed nearly enough. and the way xavier handles this topic is incredible... how did he write this at 16??? god

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