• The Sea Wolves

    The Sea Wolves


    Ol' chaps having a jolly good war adventure in India and its ocean. Lots of familiar faces, Brits being Brits, U-boats, Roger Moore bonding (yeah, yeah) with a babe who happens to be a German agent and, yes, there will be fireworks. Attempts at humour are not often a success and it lacks a bit of energy here and there, but it has an engaging story to tell and the star-filled cast seems to enjoy themselves and the scenery. Goa,…

  • Stalingrad


    Instant reminder of Come and See. And I don't like Come and See. Subtle as a sledgehammer, right from the get-go. From sunny Italy to dreary Russia they go, so what you see is their train entering a tunnel. The screen goes black. When they leave the tunnel the scenery has changed. Pfff. When they close in on the Russian Front another change. The colour this time. From now on the movie bathes in pale blues, greens and greys. Real…

  • Ghostbusters



    For those that want to see Bill Murray act like a game show host. Ghostbusters; never loses its charm, never loses its magic. Not much is being said about the score, which is a shame, because it plays such a significant role early on. The music during the opening scene immediately sets the tone of the movie, tells you what kind of comedy it will be. I still get goosebumps whenever one of those stone doggos appears on screen and…

  • Out of Time

    Out of Time


    Exotic little neo-noir that tries to hide its plot issues underneath star power and looks. Denzel Washington plays a Chief of Police going from one predicament to another after being set up, all while wearing an aloha shirt, so that works. It even manages to squeeze a few somewhat tense scenes out of that. What doesn't work, casting wise, is Eva Mendes playing his almost ex-wife, who also happens to be the lead detective in the murder case which forces…

  • The Initiation

    The Initiation


    Fire and burn scars, boobies and blood. Cozy little sorority slasher that tries to be funny, tense and clever, never really achieves any of that, but it doesn't matter, because its '80s atmosphere is forgiving and just as familiar as Daphne Zuniga's face. Mirrors are important for the story, location for the horror. The final act takes place in a big mall and that's a wonderful playground no matter what. The kills lack a bit of creativity, but there's something with a harpoon gun, so I shouldn't complain. A nice filler. With a wall worthy poster.

  • The Usual Suspects

    The Usual Suspects


    So, a family gets kidnapped and then the father decides to not only kill (most of the) perps, he also executes his wife and kids, because he doesn't want them to live with the trauma. That's really something, ain't it? I mean, many tough horror films don't even come close to such barbarism. When it comes to creating an urban legend of mythical proportions, The Usual Suspects still ranks #1. Also, I'll never stop grinning at the moment the U.S.…

  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters


    Dark Waters through a dark green filter. It's always the same with these kind of movies. Fine as long as they stick to the story that inspired the film. Not so fine when a writer or director thinks it's time to add something to that story. Whenever Haynes goes for high drama, things get awkward. It's just so obvious. I could have done without much of the family stuff. Also because Anne Hathaway overplays every scene she's in. I picked…

  • Black Book

    Black Book


    What a shitty thing to do.

    Same thoughts as the first time round. Nothing remarkable, but not much to moan about either. Everything -the good and the bad- you could possibly expect from Paul Verhoeven doing a Dutch WWII + occupation + resistance + romance action-thriller is in it. The biggest issue I have with it, is its pacing. Always on fast-forward. Not that I enjoy the idea of a three hour movie, but Black Book would have benefited from…

  • Buried Alive

    Buried Alive

    Feels like somebody deliberately tried to make a 'bad movie'. Good choice based on the screenplay, because it's moronic from start to finish, but the execution? Just painful. Granted, it has a nice B-movie vibe with its heavy score and all, but it's not nearly enough to get away with all the stupidity on display here.

    Just take what happens immediately after the funeral. The bath and dog scene. Who comes up with that?! Jennifer Jason Leigh -I love her,…

  • Welcome to Collinwood

    Welcome to Collinwood


    When you have a Bellini and need a Mullinski. Engaging little caper comedy with no mothers in it, yet they play an important role. Not so much laugh out loud funny, but it has an enjoyable atmosphere (the jazzy score is sooo soothing), a number of decent running gags and pretty strong characters to rely on. A nice bunch of fuck-ups, all charming in their own peculiar way. Rockwell's facial expressions are spot-on, Macy is great when he loses his…

  • Pulse



    And you thought it was safe in suburbia.. Evil electricity! Try explaining that to your parents. Eighties glory with an inventive killer and one of those sinister synth scores from back then. This movie feels like home for fans of the genre and era. I was kind of surprised to see that this director only has one title to his name. Not that Pulse is top, second or even third tier material, but it's certainly not a bad effort. Golding…

  • Layer Cake

    Layer Cake


    I love how this opens with a very confident, almost smug voice-over who seems to be in control of everything and then all that goes down to the toilet, really putting the man with no name through the wringer. Layer Cake. A life lesson in shit taking and a crime flick that finds a sweet spot between Guy Ritchie fun, Beat Kitano violence and some stuff Michael Caine did in the seventies. It has everything you've come to expect from…