Slaughter High

Slaughter High ★★

The slasher version of Revenge of the Nerds with only one nerd, who thinks he has a shot at spending some quality time with the school hottie, but instead winds up in a toilet bowl. Head first and in his birthday suit. The next jokes have more serious consequences. Ten years later it's payback time. The bullies return to the scene of the prank. Who invited them? They all look the same. Except the dork that wasn't invited, but is there anyway. Poor Marty. Disfigured. Hence the costume. Poor janitor too. Now a caretaker, he proudly says, but pretty soon he won't be taking care of anything anymore. It's killing time. With chemistry skills.

Sounds like a bloody blast, but it doesn't quite get there. After the time leap there's a casting guy, sitting in front of a poster of Pieces. That was an insane slasher, wasn't it? Slaughter High wants to be something like that too, it even has a little bastard-scene, but it's as if it's too much aware of it. An annoying bunch, these alumni, and they reach levels of stupidity that could be very funny if it didn't try so damn hard. Now a lot of it backfires. The best joke is Stella asking Frank to talk dirty to her. Yes, even in the midst of a bloodbath there's time for sex. It also has a couple of creative kills, but there's just not much fun to the whole thing.

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