Rawhead Rex

Rawhead Rex ★★★

Get upstairs, fuckface. I can't keep God waiting.

True, although we are not talking about the good Lord here. Some kind of demon creature escapes from his underground confinement and starts a killing spree in a small Irish village. This bad boy looks like a cross between a caveman and a gorilla with rabies. Not sure what the extra set of teeth in the back of his throat are all about. The reason why he has glowing and spinning red eyes is more clear. It's used for hypnotizing people. But not when they are already on his evil side. Then he pisses on them. As some sort of baptizing ritual. 

At least that's what I hope it was. Anyway, mostly he simply growls and roars a lot and then tears the poor people of Rathmorne apart. A silly looking monster when you see it up close and perhaps Pavlou shows him a little too much and a little too early. On the other hand it immediately sets the tone of the movie. Outrageous stuff that unfortunately doesn't have an Irish Michael Moriarty, although somebody comes close, but the real bummer here is the finale. Feels like something that belongs in a schlocky sorcery flick. Rawhead deserved better.

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