From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★½

The Titty Twister. With more kinds of pussy than the average pet shop! From Dusk Till Dawn may be easy to pick on, but I find it way too much fun to do so. Sexy, violent, coarse and gory with psychos, bikers, strippers and vampires, all in a movie that knows it's kinda stupid, but confidently plays with that. The death toll thing on the news? That's funny. Same goes for everything Tom Savini does (and shows), Clooney has never been more badass than he is here (he also has the best lines) and it's almost scary how natural it is for QT to play a sex offender. There's just no way you cannot like Keitel's former pastor, everything about Santanico Pandemonium is mmmesmerizing, it's a treat watching Fred Williamson bulldoze his way through this thing and I love how Cheech Marin keeps on popping up left and right. Oh, you couldn't handle the big twist? Well, I laughed my ass off seeing Tito & Tarantula performing as a bunch of bloodsuckers on XTC. Great guitars, guys! Star of the movie? Juliette Lewis. This gal has more acting talent in her little right butt cheek than all of Hollywood's precious eye candy combined.

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