Arachnophobia ★★★½

Honey, we're in the living room. We need you to kill a spider.

I could have said that. Not a fan of the creepy crawlies here, oh no. The bigger they are, the more they make me sweat and shake, so this is the kind of movie that makes me check my walls obsessively. Every little shadow that shouldn't be there is a nerve-racker. When it comes to spiders, I am just like the guy played by Jeff Daniels. Sure hope I won't have to go through his therapy some day.

Seeing that big ass arachnid still moving around while being on fire would scar me for life. One of the few scenes that really stands out in this, eh, blockbuster horror, I guess you can call it? That should explain why it's kind of low on gore and such. Instead it comes up with quite a lot of (attempts at) black humor with more or less quirky characters. Didn't care much for the dopey cop, although the running gag of nobody taking him seriously becomes more and more funny along the way.

John Goodman on the other hand is hilarious from the moment he enters the movie. A scene stealing performance as a deadpan exterminator. So even though the movie relies a bit too much on the spiders simply being the nasty creatures that they are, there's no denying the entertainment factor here. Even after watching it a few times, it's still a lot of fun. When I wasn't monitoring the walls, that is.

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