Rattlers 2 ★★★★

Shout out to Joe Williamson for sending out a copy of this sequel to a cult status film from 1976 set in California and directed by Dustin Ferguson under his Social Cinema Studios production company using once again his pseudonym Dark Infinity.

Though I watched this film before I went back and watched Rattlers a film directed by John McCullough, director Dustin Ferguson heavily relies on stock footage of the original film To bring us a plot that happens 40 years later star in Mel Novak, Brinke Stevens and Mercedes Peterson among other returning actors and actresses.

From what I understand the plot involves housing project that has been underway in and around the same mine That 40 years ago caused a controversy and a massive snakebite death toll Caused by the dumping of C24 A failed nerve gas experiment during World War II that caused manic behavior of individuals.  
The military had to get rid of their evidence of the chemical and ended up dumping it in the abandoned mine Which was then released upon a den of viper snakes which then got out of control.
As we later learn A certain power company ended up causing a leak of methane gas which mixed with the remaining chemicals underground caused this new string of deaths.

Mel Novak plays the town commissioner who just wants to keep the project going and pretenses up even while his town is under siege of these deadly reptiles.  Tasked with finding the source of these attacks is Dr. Kaye (Mercedes Peterson) and her fellow university students...  and like in “The Beast Beneath” actor D. T. Carney plays the local Sheriff Watson all but trying to keep a lid on the hysteria.

I do have to say that I did enjoy this film I liked that Ferguson paid homage to the original film in the beginning with the rattling of the snake and/or snakes near the hole in which The original film ended with to start the whole film out.  The major difference that I noticed in this film is that at least with the deaths that were caused by the snake attacks the sheriff and the lead herpetologist in the original film knew exactly when each deaths had occurred whereas in this feature they Don’t learn of any sightings of the snakes nor know when the attacks are happening for the death toll is rising and at least 3/4’s of the deaths are not known to them... 
I did have a problem with the ending I feel like the explosions should’ve been longer But other than that I was enjoying the film there was some comedy that I will remember.  Like that ditz that asked what fireworks were made of... the man with her’s response and then hers back I had a good chuckle.  Nice to See Acress Dawna Lee Helsing have a cameo... And somehow actor Shawn C. Phillips Always seems to find a way to show up in every single film in the independent industry as of late I suppose a segment that wasn’t too bad.
It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the film far from it I’m glad that I have it in my collection and I’m glad that I saw it and I understand why they used some fake snakery... But I don’t think that any of the snakes that were used in the original film we’re fake in the least but I do enjoy the creative aspect that Ferguson brings to the film with his ideas of creatures created.
 The effects were pretty decent and I felt better about watching the film again watching it back to back with the original film as a double feature good for laughs, shits and giggles... Give it a watch and don’t be too harsh folks!