Zodiac ★★★★

To a less competent and confident director, this film would have been cut to be no more than 2 hours long. It is not very hard to see how this film could be cut as there are many scenes which lead nowhere and are just procedural like the conversation discussing jurisdictions. Fincher has created a toned down feast, but a satisfactory feast nonetheless.

It is unlikely that the general populace to consider this his best film, after all, he has Se7en under his belt, if we're talking about just crime, but Se7en was more a meditation on human nature and how our vices can be our downfall. An assessment Father (in a flask) would probably agree with.

Zodiac is more like Fincher saying I am going to tell a by the numbers story without a grand and satisfactory reveal, and dispersed moments of excitements. He still managed to make it entertaining through his expertise and a cast of engaging characters.

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