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This review may contain spoilers.

The car scene broke me into a trillion pieces. It tore me down, ripped me of my skin and then let me bleed. But after the movie was over, it bandaged me and let me breathe. 

 I've been where she was. The youngest one in the room, left alone with some guy way older and way stupider. When you're 13, you never really say what you want until you've been taken to your line. You agree and agree and agree, just cause it's what's easiest. And when I was 13, alone with some guy way older and way stupider, I didn't know what to do. 

Until Eighth Grade, I found what happened hard to talk about. I assumed that 13 was too young. I boxed up that night and threw it away, praying I never had to face it again. I never told my mom, my friends, and I would barely tell myself. But tonight I finally found the courage to tell my mom.   So thank you Bo Burnham, for bringing me to my freedom. Thank you for letting me breathe again.

(I might delete this in the morning but I want to post it for a little while. Thank you for reading this)

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