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  • The Thing
  • Possession
  • Koyaanisqatsi

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  • Refractions



    I’ve posted before about the Discord server I made to bring together filmmaking-minded folks from this website. It remains a point of pride of mine, even as I’ve been largely absent from it and have relinquished server ownership to my trusted compatriot Vogels. I’m extremely happy he’s in control, as his motivation is inspiring and infectious. He is now running a new separate Letterboxd account for our Discord server, and actually spearheaded the assembly of this short film anthology I’m reviewing…

  • Story War

    Story War


    I'm well aware that simply having 1000 listed movies on my Letterboxd profile doesn't exactly mean that I've seen 1000 feature-length films (the irony that this, my 1000th movie log and 400th review log, falls on a 7-minute short film, is not lost on me). But I did think that this milestone could be a good time for me to interrogate my love of movies (and finally start paying for a Pro membership).

    This actually isn't my first Letterboxd account.…

Recent reviews

  • Little Death

    Little Death

    Odious nonsense — It’s slightly comical how consistently it commits to the most loathsome ideas possible, at all times. Just when you think you’re free from the first half’s anti-woke hand-wringing, AI worship, and Hollywood inside baseball, the movie uselessly transforms into a generic teen crime drama for the second half. With the connecting thread being… drugs are bad, mmkay? Early contender for worst movie of 2024.

    Sundance Film Festival 2024 #7

  • Love Me

    Love Me


    Disarmingly funny up top, lovely and surreal towards the end, with the weakest stuff (a tired pastiche of online “reality”) in the middle — The more this movie grounds itself in its fascinating and gorgeous post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting, the more enjoyable it is.

    Sundance Film Festival 2024 #6

Popular reviews

  • A Dog's Will

    A Dog's Will


    “I know I’m poor.”
    “I don’t care about that, Chicó! But if you at least had a degree!”
    “I’m a PhD in hidden sciences, dramatic philosophy, dogmatic biology, charlatanic perversion, electronic astrology.”

    the first half of this film is a slapstick masterpiece, like an adult, live-action version of Looney Tunes or Emperor’s New Groove with religious undertones. the entire cast is colorful, magnetic, and impossible to hate, and familiar tropes are turned on their head brilliantly. and THEN the religious undertones…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Whose idea was it to call this a thriller? There’s not a single thrill to be found here — instead, get ready for Charlie Kaufman bitching about how much everyone and everything sucks in spades, plus a constant barrage of quasi-highbrow cinematic and literary references. Like buying a ticket to a rollercoaster only to find out it stays flat on the ground and goes straight ahead at five miles an hour; a legendary disappointment.