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Scream 6 (2023)
Directed By: Matt Bettinelli-Olphin, Tyler Gillett  

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After watching Scream 6 yesterday for the first time while watching it I really enjoyed it and was about to give it 4.5/5 but the more I thought about the movie on my way home from the theatre, I could only think about negative things. So I wanted to see this movie again to really have a better understanding of where I stand with it, so the movie is still fresh in my head. So I caught the earliest time my theatre had and rewatched it, and my thoughts are still the same. Will Scream 6 isn’t the perfect movie it’s an enjoyable one, and all my complaints from the other Scream movies are fixed in this. We got both Ghostface killers in action rather then just one at a time showing up, and that always puzzled me because I think it would’ve been more effective, which it was. The opening sequence is once again different and something totally original that we haven’t seen before. I didn’t expect to get a kill within a kill in the first 20 minutes. I’m seeing a lot of people dislike that but I was totally on board for it because if we go back to Scream 2 with that whole movie class they talked about how the stab movies effect people and how they influence them to do these types of actions, and we see that in this movie as Tony Revolori’s character (Jason) < call back to Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) kill’s his film teacher, over a grade, and how he knew Richie and want’s to finish his movie. But what I’m seeing is these new Scream movies are copying the first Scream movies. In (Scream) Scream 5 they go back to Woodboro, Stu’s house is back and the boyfriend is the killer, in this one our characters are now in college just like the 2nd movie. So it makes me wonder if in Scream 7 they’re going to California and if Stu is really dead because Mindy even mentions Stu could be alive, which I personally think he is because there’s been a lot of worse fates for other characters and they have survived so we’ll see. Another complaint I’ve seen is the absence of Sidney and Dewey and how it’s so noticeable. Honestly to me it never crossed my mind, I was fine with Sidney not being in this. It wouldn’t make sense for her to be in this because the Ghostface killers don’t relate to Sidney in any way. But I do hope Sidney returns in Scream 7 as she should reunite with Gale. Now speaking of Gale, she didn’t really do all much and that’s understandable because she isn’t the main focus anymore she’s a legacy character so the spotlight isn’t on her anymore, but her entrance was incredible, and her dodging the punch from Samantha was pretty funny. But that apartment scene was so tense and it really makes you think why did they keep Gale alive? There has to be some sort of reason to it. But I have a few complaints with this movie

> The Plot 
> Ghostface 
> The Whole Richie Bloodline
> Billy Loomis Returning As A Ghost Again 

The plot revolving around Richie and how his family wants revenge is just ridiculous. I know I know it was done in Scream 2 with Ms Loomis but that’s understandable under the circumstances, but because of Samantha killing Richie. The whole family goes after her in the most crazy and gory way? Don’t get me wrong it was cool seeing a more intense Ghostface, but I wish it was for a different reason. The whole ghost situation in Scream 3 and 5 didn’t work for me, I don’t know why they brung that back but I’m glad it didn’t happen as often as it did in Scream 5. Kirby was also under-utilized, she should’ve just been in the next movie, but with the whole Ghostface shrine and the callbacks to Jill and Charlie it makes sense and I’ll let it slide. I’m also glad Mason Gooding got more time to shine as Chad because he was really good in this, and he had a great connection with Jenna Ortega’s character. Also he’s the new Dewey and Tara is the new Gale, I have no doubt about that. For me the saddest death was Anika, I really wanted her to live and I thought maybe she should’ve survived but even Mindy knew she was gonna die so she gave her that last kiss goodbye before she fell during the apartment/ladder scene. Plus that Ghostface shrine exhibit scene was pretty cool

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