Moonlight ★★★★★

This film was gay. This film was black. This film was not about me. It did not reflect my life. And that's more than Ok, because the strength of fiction is to take us away from our everyday lives, to not only represent diverse people and experiences, but to allow those who might not have lived those experiences a chance to identify with those who have.

Besides it's a fucking good film, it's shot beautifully and acted incredibly and the music was great and the story was very moving and identifiable and fuck. This is not a universal film, but it shouldn't have to be! Films about straight white cis men aren't universal either, stop pretending that they are!

Well, I suppose I just reviewed the criticism about Moonlight more than I did Moonlight itself. Go watch it and see for yourself.

I was thinking of lopping off half a star for the slightly nauseating camerawork in the first twenty minutes, but fuck it. It's Moonlight. It deserves every star it gets.

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