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  • Mile 22

    Mile 22


    Of course the 95 minute, perfectly paced Mile 22 is criticized for “bad editing” while the swarm of overlong, boring “arthouse” movies that are so technically unsophisticated they could’ve been edited on a mobile version of Windows Movie Maker get praised to high heavens. 

    The whole "all action must be shown in long shot with a camera completely motionless on a tripod" meme is getting old. For some movies that approach works great. But demanding it for every action movie…

  • Roma



    The peak of cliched Mexican miserablist cinema. For whatever that's worth. Whereas Iñárritu's over-the-top miserablism distances the viewer through its absurdity, Roma starts (and stays) at a distance, which actually works in favor of its dumb-witted protagonist who, though unlikable, actually stirs sympathies only because her severe lack of detail forces the viewer to fill in the blanks themselves. Roma's coldness breeds emotion by presenting horrific topics with indifferent matter-of-factness, in effect amplifying its impact. Not to say this isn't…

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