Boys from County Hell

Boys from County Hell ★★★

Review by Kate Erbland

First, some history: “Dracula” author Bram Stoker, the ostensible inventor of our modern idea of the vampire, was Irish. Now, some retconning: in the world of Chris Baugh’s plucky horror comedy “Boys from County Hell,” Stoker’s villain was inspired by the evil exploits of Abhartach, a resident in the tiny Irish village of Six Mile Hill who delighted in drinking the blood of his neighbors. A local offed Abhartach and he was buried beneath a tall cairn of rocks in a grassy field, never to be seen again. Maybe.

Such is the world of the shiftless Eugene (Jack Rowan) and his best pal William (Fra Fee). The Abhartach legend is a fun way to distract silly tourists, but these local boys can’t shake the sense that there might actually be something to the tall tale. Northern Irish filmmaker Baugh, best known for his Sundance feature “Bad Day for the Cut,” ably adapts his own 2013 short film for his second feature, one that weaves together good humor, gruesome horror, and the texture of real life.