C'mon C'mon

C'mon C'mon ★★★★★

I am glad to announce that I found that I can't live without movies for long. That's why sabbatical is over.
So I will study while watching 1 or maybe 2 movies a week, just for the time being.

This movie is like a fresh breeze of serenity that can be felt in your mind and in your heart amongst all the negativity around nowadays.
I don't think anyone's enjoying living in a prison in today's time. In this disappointing scenario, a movie like C'mon C'mon brings out the silence that we need for, like, a very long time now.
It shows how we as humans have evolved throughout. It makes us to think where we went wrong and what path are we still following which is making a difference. Everybody's stressed, but we don't know why.
It's definitely a must watch for everyone to get relieved because our minds are just burdened with unnecessary things which give us enough stress to not live the life we have got for once!


P.S- I love Joaquin Phoenix. And I love Woody Norman, I mean how can an 11-year old give a fight to a 47-year old for the limelight in an incredibly made film! I love it!

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