Suspiria ★★★½

1. It’s incredible that this thing was able to get the wide release that it did.
2. I just wish it was more fun, like that first dance scene (you know what I mean) is fucking crazy and I thought the whole film was gonna play around with body horror elements like that but No. 
3. Kinda purposelessly confusing to me, unlike mother! where even if you don’t “get” the movie you enjoy it, Suspiria kind of is lost upon a viewer if they can’t really see the films convulted plot.
4. Last Podcast on the Left talks about how some movies just do maybe a bit too much, like a thesis assignment in an art school basically proving “hey, I can do all these really cool techniques, see?”. Suspiria came across as that a few times. 
5. I love Mia Goth to death.
6. Ugh

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