Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ★★★★★

ok i will be real with you guys this movie is absolutely epic and i am saying this as someone with absolutely zero nostalgia to this beast i watched this for the first time like last week and i literally cannot get this fucker out of my mind...

1. it is so absolutely one hundred percent unabashedly dumb and that is all i could ask for in a star wars movie
2. my favorite moment of the whole film is how earnestly anakin goes "from my point of view, the jedi are evil!" he just says it like yeah, that's how i feel, sorry and its absolutely hilarious
3. i do not think a star wars movie can EVER get hornier than this (view comments for an earnest discussion)
4. i have the biggest fucking crush on obi wan and i mean that with all my heart whenever i close my eyes i think of Him and how much he jumps
5. i also get a kick out of the finale of the mustafur sequence, obi wan proclaims "it's over now, i have the high ground" and then it is absolutely so anti-climatic it is hilarious, he just falls like obi wan was correct, it really is over
7. would like to do a thesis on this series' obsession with hands or the lack of them
8. i cannot believe people dont think it is absolutely ridiculous when darth vader goes "nooooooooo" like that is probably the worst part of this entire saga like i would say that takes the cake over "now this is pod-racing everyday"
9. i am obsessed
10. am i gonna be getting obi wan and qui gon jin communication in my Very Anticipated obi wan series or is that just another big missed opportunity to never come into fruition bcuz i know lucasfilm is no stranger to that :O
11. imagine giving birth and the two names you think of are leia and luke..... ok?
12. another film similar to john wick where only my boyfriend can explain this to me...otherwise I Don’t Get It

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