Everest ★★★★

1. This movie did the impossible and made me like the Zero Dark Thirty torture guy, like I fucking hated him since that movie, he's literally my least favorite actor of all time, I don't know why.
2. I did the the terrible thing I'm sometimes guilty of doing in these kinds of disaster movies (for example, Alive and various documentaries containing reenactments of the Andes plane crash incident), rooting for certain "characters" to live and forgetting these are real-life people and that's really fucked up. Oops!
3. I didn't even realize that was Kiera Knightley until she did that terribly ugly cry I know and love so much from Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.
4. Jake Gyllenhaal :-(
5. The three scariest things in the universe: Death, the ocean, and Mount Everest.

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