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This review may contain spoilers.

alright listen up guys i hate people who hate superhero movies but i also hate people who love them i think i'm probably just a huge asshole but whatever. man of steel was good but i was rly scared about this mainly bcuz i hate being in the theater for 3 hours on a school night because i get stressed and tired and hungry. this movie changed my life......... jesse eisenberg lost his ability to act in this movie and totally feels like a third year high school theater kid but i don't give a shit about acting. batman straight up murders people and its fucking terrifying. this whole movie is terrifying. ezra miller came on the screen for a second and i gasped. i went "yeaaaahhhhh" under my breath when wonder woman happened and then was grossed out in myself. i want to fuck ben affleck i can't believe he's gone from mallrats to this. i get really sad whenever people are mean to superman because me and my dad really like him and i just think he's a nice guy. this is one hard pg-13.......... i feel like if they would've just given this the r we would've been able to see michael shannon's dead bodies' dick. this movie is too pretty for me to even handle and its way too intense literally the best superhero movie ever made and theres this one part where superman saves someone from day of the dead and like a bunch of people approach him and its the greatest shot of all time this one
i'm glad my boy superman isn't dead though thanks zack snyder good job bro

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