I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★½

This film really isn't what the trailers and marketing want you to think it is. I kinda like the premise and the cast, but it changes quite a lot as the film goes along.

Frankly I'm not sure who we are meant to rooting for. The first act sets Marla up as a sociopath. She doesn't care about vulnerable people or anyone that stands in the way of her getting paid. But then the rest of the film wants her to be the victim. I'm sorry but as good as Rosamund Pike is, I'm not buying it. I'll put it down to a failure of the script/director more than the actors though.

I thought the last 20 minutes really didn't make any sense and the plot jumped the shark at that point, and also the odd feminism angle it tried to force did not work for me either. Imprisoning people isn't an example of women getting equal rights in the work place.

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