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  • Bluffmaster!



    okay hear me out... dhoom 4 x bluffmaster crossover where abhishek plays both the cop (jai) and the thief (roy). insert identity swapping hijinks, mirror symbolism, a zillion floral shirts, and a not-so-surprising twist ending that sets up jai as the thief for dhoom 5!

    P.S. if most of your LB reviews don't devolve into pitches to expand the dhoom cinematic universe then you're using this site wrong 😤😤😤

  • Kaal



    So I watched two horror classics today. The first is the highly acclaimed and awarded Silence of the Lambs , and the other is the fever dream/VFX nightmare Kaal
    - Now this movie is bad on many levels, but the Final Destination-esque death scene on the bridge had me sobbing from laughter so I have to give it five stars on principle
    - Were the DDLJ references intentional? I say yes
    - Sister: Everytime someone dies, Vivek reacts like a…