Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

My oh my oh my. What do i even say? Mads has yet again, stole 2020 right at the end of the year. Hes just too damn good. Riz is still another pick for best actor but Mads has just strolled in ever so casually. Why am i not surprised?

So glad dogs are safe this time round. Whew.

My top 3 of 2020 (Sound of metal, this & im thinking of ending things) all tackle heavy & delicate subjects, however they capture them so perfectly without being over the top nor too subtle you don't know what they're talking about. Thats what i love. The balance. This movie in particular balances the humour and the sadness so well. All of this is driven home with Mads' performance. Absolutely incredible. That dinner scene in the first 20 minutes or so, left me speechless. The movie had barely started and i was just, blown away. His eyes SPOKE volumes.

Alot of the time we have wooden side characters which is not uncommon to find but here we have some really great supporting characters. All full of energy and the same drive as Mads to support him effortlessly. That ending was magnificent. I never knew i needed that but here we are. If you know me, i don't rewatch stuff, but i could rewatch that ending scene countless times. Again, the top 3 of 2020 all have insane endings.

Stellar direction, directing and wonderful performances. Do not miss out on this one. Vinterberg has made another banger.

- 4.5/5.

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