Scream ★★★

“I STILL prefer The Babadook!”

For something so keen on doing parody out of requels… what is it, if not just another requel? I mean… Are we supposed to think it’s genius just because it’s a self-declared attempt to mock a filmmaking fad while cashing on it…? You guys tell me!…

It does get something right about why these plastic requels are so enjoyable, which is to say, it follows the goddamn by-committee formula; so it’s definitely a good time.

The main cast is kinda piss-poor, don’t tell me it’s all part of the parody, it’s just that they’re actually bad — nothing unexpected, considering two of the main youngsters got to where they are solely through nepotism. The original trio is just wonderful tho, as they always are; plus, there are one or two unexpected deaths, and never-ending gore that will have genre enthusiasts properly feasted. 

The final kill is definitely one of the sheerest feral moments in recent film history; not that it’s ultra-shocking or whatever, but the unsatisfied and manic energy of stab after stab… so bloody cathartic.

Is it too late for someone to lend Melissa Barrera some millions so she can bank on this one’s success and jumpstart a last-minute awards campaign for In the Heights? What a luminous human being, I swear.

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