Pig ★★★★

In the tradition of works such as Joe, Mandy, Bad Lieutenant, Prisoners of The Ghostland, Color Out of Space, and now Pig, you know shit is about to get real when you encounter a movie that has Nicolas Cage choosing to work on a project that isn't solely for the purpose of repaying his IRS debt today.

Anyway, Pig, it is one of the strangest things I have seen in a long time.

It's not an unusual film for the sake of being different, but instead for how brutally and intentionally unorthodox it plays out its events and what happens as a result, if that makes any sense.

The film aims to be a somber type narrative in the vein of John Wick, but what it ultimately ends up being, without going into spoilers, is a melancholy tale that deals extensively with the connections that we have with our loved ones and how we move on from the loss of those we have lost in the past.

It's a film that grows on you; for me, it started off really off-putting since I had no concept of where the fuck movie was going, but as the film develops, it begins to grab hold of you, like someone coming in for a hug.

Seeing the events of the film unfold on screen is a one-of-a-kind experience. You expect the film to be one thing one moment and then, bam; it's the art-house equivalent of Ratatouille in the next.

Nicolas Cage is fucking fantastic in this film. People today tend to forget that the guy can be a fine actor when the part requires it. Leaving Las Vegas is one of my favorite movies, and I honestly believe that Nicolas Cage gives one of the top ten performances of all time in it. 

Alex Wolff was also excellent in this. Throughout the film, he drives around in his crazy car with Nicolas Cage. And I'm sorry if you understood that reference. Can't we ever forget it, though, can we?

Finally, before I go, I'd want to state the following. Watching Pig at a movie theater reminded me why I love coming to the movies in the first place.

And from that annotation, I must express my heartfelt gratitude to NEON for releasing this film on a nationwide scale on day one.

Even if I may have heard most of Black Widow throughout the length of this movie, considering that it was the film playing next door to this one and how loud that movie was compared to this one. 

But really, in today's day and age, going to see a smaller film at a multiplex like AMC and having that happen to you is genuinely the sum of all things in moviegoing today.

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