Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★★½

You could say that I have a so-called thing for Horse Girls.

I think it all started back a couple of years ago with my viewing of the film Equus.

Seeing Jenny Agutter in those pair of breeches was just too much of a sight to behold.

One of these days, I really want to go out and buy a thing of Women's Breeches and just stare at them.

And to all the girls out who are named Jessica that wear those beige colored Jodhpurs horseback riding saddles has never been in any bit way the same without you.

Alright, before I make even a bigger ass of myself, let's talk about the film.

I must say Alison Brie went full-on in for her role in this film.

Hell, I was stunned to find out within the open credits that she even was one of the two co-writers of this too.

Anyhow, this is basically like a mumblecore version of Roman Polanski's Repulsion.

Just a much less satisfying version of it.

Alison Brie is excellent here, hell this is her most dramatic work since her role as Trudy in Mad Men seemingly.

Speaking of Mad Men, I'm now suddenly thinking back to January Jones in season 2 during the scenes where she goes horseback riding wearing those breeches.

Fuck Me...

Alright, I think now I made a complete ass of myself in this here review today, thanks for reading.

Jesus Christ those breeches though... in Season 2 Episode 3

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