• The Matrix Revolutions

    The Matrix Revolutions


    The Wachowskis’ Akira. The judgement day that has been foretold is finally upon us, and it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves. At center of it all, two beings from different worlds who break the rules of existence. The anomaly of the matrix vs the anomaly of our world. But in essence, anomalies of both. A machine with the will to live for itself and a human capable of the ultimate sacrifice. Just like the machines before him, Agent Smith…

  • The Matrix Reloaded

    The Matrix Reloaded


    Not as bad as people say tbh. This has maybe the greatest chase scene in cinema?? It’s either this or The French Connection. I’m particularly fond of The Architect and his big speech as well. Also agent smith and the merovingian! There are a lot of great monologues in this movie. Yes, this is where the series began to let the philosophy overpower the narrative, but there’s still a healthy mix of action and talking here, it’s just not in service of…

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    I forgot that this is one of the greatest movies ever made. Oops. Holds up extremely well. Last 30 minutes are back to back “hell yeah” moments but everything before that is absolute gold as well. Iconic.

  • The Deep House

    The Deep House


    Neat underwater visuals. But everything else sucks so bad it’s basically not worth watching.

  • Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

    Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin


    Much better than the majority of paranormal activity sequels. It spices up the formula in a fun way and culminates in a third act that’s perfect for the Halloween season. Possibly the best entry in the series since the first film, or at least ranked right below 3. That’s an extremely low bar considering the absolute dregs of the series but hey, it’s something. Go in with the right expectations and you’ll have a fun time.

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    Man, I’m just so impressed with this show. Despite a slow start, there’s not a wasted episode in the bunch. Builds and builds to a glorious, enthralling conclusion… while still maintaining the small pockets of humanity and empathy that made the journey worthwhile to begin with. That’s a strange feat for a show that also delivers the goods as a fall season chiller. Flanagan’s best work so far. Great performances too. I could listen to Hamish Linklater recite the phone book.

  • Scream 3

    Scream 3


    After really enjoying scream 2 I thought this one might be similarly underrated, but this was just painfully dull unfortunately. It’s devoid of new ideas and for a horror movie series about dissecting other horror movies, it completely squanders the Hollywood setting.

  • Blair Witch

    Blair Witch


    You know what? This is not as bad as people say. I thought this was a pretty fun movie, like in an amusement park sorta way. Sorry not sorry. 😎

  • No Sudden Move

    No Sudden Move


    Miller’s Crossing in the motor city

  • Disappearance at Clifton Hill

    Disappearance at Clifton Hill


    Has the characters and settings typically found in a 90’s point and click adventure game: tiger tamers, radio show hosts, wealthy heirs to family dynasties, and hotel owners in UFO themed diners, haunted houses, and casinos. This does not make for a grounded experience. But the flashy locales, and mysteriously-moody score gives it a vibe and atmosphere that punches above its low budget weight class. I’d say this is a film you can judge by its cover, if you’re like…

  • Red Dragon

    Red Dragon


    Red Dragon may be missing the visual flare and triumphant tone of the previous adaption of its source material (Mann’s excellent Manhunter), but its strength is the tone and world building carried over from the preceding Lector film. It is always a joy to see Hopkins as Lector. He’s a little more one note here than in Silence, but the film has a lot more to do without him so it works out. It’s also fun seeing the original actor for…

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

    Those Who Wish Me Dead


    A bit corny but it has its moments. Overall it's a decently paced journey through some action scenes, throwing in just enough variety to keep you engaged. Feels like something that would’ve had Christian Slater and a million dollar budget in the 90’s, but with slightly more interesting characters. The villains were kind of great, especially Mr CIA from Dark Knight Rises. Watch it if you’re bored. 👍