Pig ★★★★½

"Pig" is something that is completely unexpected and profound. Robin (Nicolas Cage) is a truffle hunter that lives away from the society in the woods with his beloved pig. His world comes crumbling down when his pig is kidnapped in the night. With the help Amir (Alex Wolff), he must re-enter society to find the one thing he loves most.

This film caught me off guard. On the surface, it presents a concept that could be compared to "John Wick". I feel like any kind of audience would gladly accept an exciting and action packed revenge thriller starring Nicolas Cage, but it takes a completely different approach. Focusing on the humanity and grief of society was a unique choice. Seeing how people aspire to be something they're not, comprising their beliefs and views just for a slice of the "good life" is a theme that permeates through this entire film. Seeing Cage's character be an opposing force and having his actions affect everyone in a positive light was moving. Leading to one of the best climaxes in this packed 2021 film year.

Nicolas Cage gives possibly my favorite performance of the year so far. He gets completely lost in his character and brings amazing subtlety to his performance. His delivery, cadence, and execution of this character was flawless. Alex Wolff adds a great supporting performance that comes to an amazing story climax for his arc. The cinematography is immaculate and the score and hypnotic.

For a debut feature, director Michael Sarnoski is a name to look out for in the future. The meticulousness of his craft and the execution of his vision was nothing short of masterful. He delivered such a moving piece and one of the best films of the year.

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