Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★½

1.5/5.0 = Middling

Way too sadistic for my tastes. Had this actually found a grounded sense of humor amidst the unending dread this may have been something more effectively harrowing; look no further than WOLF CREEK as a great case in point. Unfortunately this really doesn’t have anything to say, and save for a final sequence that’s indisputably traumatizing, I found this to be nihilistic, mean-spirited, and frankly quite insulting; just a stupid movie that treats its audience like cattle that is knowingly being herded and prodded to the slaughterhouse. I can give this the benefit of the doubt and compare some of the scenes to Ruben Östlund’s body of work, but frankly that’s being a little too charitable. When all is said and done, I get it dude, you’ve seen Haneke’s FUNNY GAMES, but just because you can shock me doesn’t mean you’ve got the man’s brain.

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