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  • Under the Skin
  • Body Double
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Point Break

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  • Predators


  • Ransom for a Dead Man

  • Prescription: Murder

  • Thirteen Lives

Recent reviews

  • Predators



    a rad concept - mercenaries and killers from around the world dropped into a hunting preserve for warring alien tribes - quickly gives way to fairly generic structure. it takes a bit to get going, but the cast is pretty great, including a surprise cameo midway through the film. i really like the look of this thing. it's dark and even a little muddy, but it works against the greens of the jungle, a golden moonlit field, and in a fiery showdown.

  • Carter



    the "one shot" editing between drone and handheld (and shoddy cgi) works against it as much as it does for it and it's narratively whatever, but for all its faults, there is something refreshing about the insanity of CARTER, particularly as it releases alongside BULLET TRAIN, a more polished, but less exciting actioner.

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