Gremlins ★★★★

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this movie to be honest, but the concept itself seemed pretty interesting to say the least. Let's see how this cult-classic turned out to be.

There is not much to talk about as it is an extremely goofy experience and very light-hearted movie overall, with an exceptional practical effects which really impressed me. The story isn't any special as it followed the familiar concept of any old school movie. There was an introduction stage, the conflict and the resolution, which made this movie an incredibly well crafted experience overall.

I loved how the story started so light-heartedly and progressed in a very interesting way, but when that crucial turning point meets us in the middle of the movie, the disaster was on and that control that we had till that point, it was lost to the little mogwais, who created some serious pain in the ass for these people in this little town.

Mogwais themselves were mind-blowing considering the tech there was available at that time. The practical effects were astonishing to say the least. I loved these little rascals, who were extremely massive nuisances, but at the same time they were loveable little buddies at least in the Gizmo's initial form.

I had an extrenely fun time watching this innocent cult-comedy. I understand why it is considered one of the best cult-classics of all time and I agree with them. As it was stupid at it's premise, it still was an incredibly enjoyable ride with many laughs and delightful story.

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