Malignant ★★★★

On paper, this could’ve so easily been a really dumb and bland horror film with a straight up bizarre and jarring twist. However, I feel like James Wan as the director really saved this. It comes close to being too stupid for its own good, but Wan’s direction and execution of it makes it much more entertaining than it has any right to be. It wasn’t particularly scary or anything like that, but the story was pretty engaging and the horror elements were so crazy that I found it kinda humorous. The reveal about what the killer was interplayed with a scene in a prison finally giving us good look at it, genuinely caught me off guard so much that I laughed quite a bit. Normally that’d be a bad thing for a horror movie but idk, the execution didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth and I throughly enjoyed it. The worst thing I can say is that the first 20 minutes are kinda slow and it takes a little while for the plot to kick into gear, but given how well made (especially cinematography-wise), well paced, and throughly entertaining the rest of the movie is, it doesn’t really feel like that big of a deal. Sooo… yeah, I liked this quite a bit.

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