Scream ★★★½

"Gen-Z, how are you?" 

A fun sequel/reboot/requel/whatever you wanna call it. Didn't like this one better than Scream 3 but it sure scratched the surface, and it sure as hell was better than the 2nd and 4th sequel imo. The callbacks to the original Scream were a lil too close for comfort and present at times, but there are elements of this one that make it not as wishy washy as I would have thought. They've certainly amplified the elements that they made so clear in sequels too, the gore, special effects, and scares were clever and not too over the top which you could even say is a callback to the original. I liked that they added a lil scene from Dawson's Creek in the movie too which even recreated/somewhat parodied(in the episode) the film in its own way.... Which is fine because Kevin Williamson has written all these films and did so for the whole Dawson's Creek series too so it works (you all should check the show out if you haven't yet, basically a story of his life). Anyway, like any Scream films there are still questions to consider, and hopefully we'll see answers if they decide to continue making more films in the future.