Favorite films

  • Arrival
  • Wendy and Lucy
  • The Eight Mountains
  • Chungking Express

Recent activity

  • Bottoms


  • A Haunting in Venice


  • Strange Way of Life

  • Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds


Recent reviews

  • Showing Up

    Showing Up


    hoping Hong Chau will be added to the Michelle Williams and Kelly Reichardt cinematic universe more often because that's a trio i would be happy to see work together for a long time.

    just a lovely and extremely funny portrait of an artist stuck in the absurdity of the art world. done with so much respect that in particular the little vignettes edited in of artists performing their craft make this feel like a love letter to said world.

  • X



    “we're two slow dancers, last ones out
    and the ground has been slowly pulling us back down
    you see it on both our skin
    we get a few years and then it wants us back”

Popular reviews

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    So strange that life goes on after finishing a film like Call Me By Your Name.

  • Normal People

    Normal People


    i feel so alive and so empty right now.