Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★

First time watching the Ultimate Edition. WOW!

I absolutely adore everything that is built until the fighting starts. Dark, morally compromised heroes living in an extremely political world. I’ve never felt this way watching Marvel. I’m just gonna spew thoughts because I’m too tired to articulate them fully:

- I love everything Luthor says but I despise the performance (not in a good way, he’s just annoying)
- The Martha scene is still cringe but I understand the intent this time around (Ultimate Edition almost makes it worse because everyone’s motives are so much more concrete that Bruce’s complete 180 feels lazy)
- I loved the scenes that foreshadowed Darkseid and JL but those should’ve been end credit scenes
- Doomsday jumps in out of nowhere and completely farts and shits all over the momentum of the first two hours or so
- Batman’s indifference towards people’s lives could’ve been MUCH less graphic (this isn’t 300, Zack) but I get that Superman would’ve been his first premeditated murder
- Capitol sequence is chilling
- The score is phenomenal
- I’m so excited for the Snyder Cut
- I love Zack Snyder’s style

I was gonna give this a 2.5 because it really is messy but I cannot stop thinking about it and I gotta give it props for that (same thing happened with Dark Knight Rises). All my homies hate the Theatrical Cut!

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