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  • Drive



    Writing ~ A very good plot which without the amazing characters would probably be too cliché. It’s the amazing characters that allow a unique spin on a overused but in this case very good story.

    Cinematography ~ This film was beautiful. This film was visually dark which linked to the Driver. There was a certain set of scenes that I was just laughing in amazement at the Beauty I was watching. 

    Acting ~ Incredible acting from Ryan Gosling and also…

  • Parasite



    Writing ~ Marvellous writing. Bong Joon Ho took a quite simple idea and elaborated to create a masterpiece. A very funny film that has a distinct connection with the viewer manipulating their emotions from laughter to sadness and all around the emotive spectrum. A lot of allusive imagery also.

    Cinematography ~ The cinematography was beautiful. I distinctly remember a scene where Choong-sook and Ki-taek (yes I had to google the names) were dancing in a wide square shot with the…