International Film Festival Rotterdam

International Film Festival Rotterdam


50th International Film Festival Rotterdam
1 – 7 February | 2 – 6 June 2021



IFFR Unleashed: 50/50

To celebrate the extended 50th-anniversary of IFFR, we’re presenting our biggest collection yet on IFFR Unleashed. 50 films, from 50 festival editions. Each available to watch for 50 days.

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Never before released, this short film by Bong Joon Ho (Parasite) starts with Mr Cho, a man who is perched dangerously on top of the Han River Bridge. He has been caught unwittingly on a security camera. The camera continues to reveal the downward spiral of Cho, a failed salesman who turns to petty theft and violent crime.

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Full Review at In Review Online, part of IFFR 2021 — Dispatch 3

"Water is frequently evoked as the mostly linear narrative cuts away to scenes of swimming pools, bathtubs, fishing nets, and the rippling surface of a lake or ocean. In Li’s hands, water represents both the unconscious mind and the trauma submerged beneath the tide. She steadily builds on these seemingly disjointed ideas, eventually showing the unnamed woman with a man who looks uncannily similar. Depictions of suicide…




iffr 2021 #3

“The only possible relationship to academia today is a criminal one.”

IFFR 2021

Manos arriba. Palmas al sol, colado un rayito diagonal por el balcón hasta la cajonera. Por la pandemia, el balcón es una playa entera o una jungla, si se quiere. Por el encuadre, las manos son más personales que cualquier gesto del rostro. Esta película no tiene rostros.

Flowers blooming in our throats (2021) es una orquesta en miniatura. Eva Giolo dirige: tú, allá, aplaude; tú, acá, aprieta; allá, corta; acá, tira. En todos lados, arde. Corta flores,…

This is lovely. A beautifully meditative Argentinian film in B&W with some cute doggies. I like how light and brisk it is, never wasting any time making its point and having some fun along the way. A good discovery from the early festivals. I like this one a bit better than The Pink Cloud in terms of South American indie cinema takes on life during pandemics.