The September Issue

The September Issue ★★★½

There are very few Americans working at the top of American Vogue.
I think I’ve seen this before. Grace Coddington steals the show. We all know that story. What’s still tragic is that Wintour's editorship really did usher in that uber-airbrushed, close-up, celebrity cover bait. And it's ever more soulless with every passing year. Sienna Miller, an actress, but more of a personality, a bland British Chloe Sevigny of the 2000s fashion world, is the cover star in this time capsule. And it’s fitting. It's fleeting. Who remembers these things anyway? (I do, but I’ve dragged myself for that in other places). Watch as Wintour erases any trace of variety from Vogue's pages! Fall in love with Grace Coddington's vision and stamina! Endure André Leon Talley vocalizing every trite thought that enters his brain! Yes, I’m still begrudging him pressuring Jennifer Hudson into wearing that odd bolero to the 2007 Academy Awards to secure her cover appearance. Watch this, then watch The First Monday in May (2016) to witness all the money in the fashion world try to redeem Wintour!
P.S. I don’t actually dislike or have a strong opinion on Wintour, aside from my kvetching about the dullness of the magazine's content. It’s just that watching these two titles so close together shows them for the propaganda they are. It’s amusing. ✌️

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