Roma ★★★★★

Remember a month ago?

It was a strange time.

Alfonso Cuarón, beloved by all, newly appointed DILF, and director of the best Harry Potter film, released a black and white, foreign language masterpiece into the wide world. Truly, the wide world; into the homes of some 140m Netflix subscribers and the 140m more who share their passwords.

But instead of rejoicing, there was a sniff here and a sniff there. From above their noses, people (re: mostly English-speaking white men) urged everyone to get thee to a cinema. Roma, with its limited and humble release, was nothing if it wasn't projected.

The hysteria at the time compelled everyone to pick a side. Netflix is the future! The only way to truly watch a film is to see it on the big screen! At home you can curate the perfect environment! This is the death of cinema!

With the dust having settled, everyone having agreed Roma is fire, hopefully all that remain are the adults to say: everyone shut the fuck up and appreciate that people who would never have had access to a black and white foreign language film, never mind a black and white foreign language masterpiece, got to see it at the same time as the rest of the liberal metropolitan elite types with their art house cinemas and their quinoa and their sense of self-importance, too busy gatekeeping an outdated and dying model to just fucking enjoy themselves and experience art millions sat down to at home and realised was one of the films of the year while these morons were on Twitter masturbating to their own display pictures.

Big or small, projected or on your smartphone, Roma is amazing. Embrace change, because it's coming. Embrace change, because the people we are leaving behind deserve it. Worship film in all its glory.

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