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  • Big Night
  • Cop Land
  • Withnail & I

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  • Los Sures

    Los Sures


    Whenever I get to missing NYC I can always watch it in movies. Watching this, pausing it to check Brooklyn rent prices on Zillow. A Pre-war small apartment on Flatbush is going for about what I’m paying now. I like the community, my circle is small so it was nice to be surrounded by people. I’m savvy at small talk.

    I could occupy myself all day with the parks, a bike, the libraries, the book shops, and Jamaican food. I like Seinfeld for many reasons but it also takes me to the upper west side with them, I’m living there when I watch it.

  • Breakout



    When i walk around Chinatown in SF I still get the same magical feeling i did when I was a kid. I'm taking pictures of storefronts and buildings I hope wont disappear. Cutting up steep streets, and alleys and walking in the road when there is too many people on the sidewalk. You look straight ahead and you can see the bay. The Bay Bridge. Tall buildings in the Financial District are behind the old 5 story apartment buildings, sneaking…

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  • Simple Men

    Simple Men


    I have two or three crates of old spray paint cans I don't use.

    I look at them and think - one day.. but I stay shook everyday.

    I knew the places to find old junk cans. Dollar store you get off brands sometimes they had a bunch of flat white. There was one next to the old Kaplan's on market street we found this dark hunters green so all our ugly tags were in that color. Nice and dirty…

  • Wild Bill

    Wild Bill


    We are at the pool. Unforgiven is lapping - wow! Look how fast! Desperados in here keeping up, Tombstone too. Wild Bill is in the hot tub behind the Olympic size pool mumbling