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  • Chupa



    This will be obviously be fucking slaughtered on here because you cunts are too serious and think you are above anything fantastical and can’t just enjoy a cute E.T. knock-off with a Chupacabra and Lucha Libras.

  • Fairyland



    Fairyland is the debut feature from director Andrew Durham, a long-term collaborator of Sofia Coppola, who is one of the producers on the film. Coppola optioned Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father by Alysia Abbott, the source book for the film, soon after its publication. No doubt she saw some similarities with her own upbringing around the same time frame in San Francisco’s Bohemia and the father/daughter relationship at the centre of the story. Initially she was announced as a…

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  • Traps



    Věra Chytilová is often considered a feminist filmmaker even though she would always reject being labelled and called herself an “individualist”. Given the fact the Czechoslovakian communist government oppressed her for years, it’s understandable to see her desire to reject Western labels. Chytilová is best known to Western audiences for her psychedelic masterpiece Daisies, which annoyed the powers so much she could only made one film, Fruits of Paradise, in the next 9 years. In the late ‘70s her blacklisting…

  • Clerks III

    Clerks III

    Clerks III is the single most disappointing film I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve always liked Kevin Smith’s films and I like him a person. He was super nice to me when I met him once and just seems to be that way with everybody. I like that he comes from a working class background and made it by sheer talent and luck. However Clerks III is a film where pretty much every creative decision is a mistake…