Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★★★½

Pretty dope film for the MCU, and a fantastic introduction to the character in this universe.

In terms of setting, especially in the first 2 acts, there's a sense of real energy and life within the settings and scenes, we just get to experience these people being...people.

The character dynamics work fantastically, for once no one is overly annoying or chews through the scenes.

This is the one mcu film that just doesn't feel like an MCU film at all, which is perfect, it's exactly what I wanted out of this franchise.

You know what else I wanted out of thus franchise? Letting the directors do weird, wacky and creative shit. And this film delivers. The camerawork is incredibly fun and dynamic, even having some smaller long takes with action sequences. The colours too just brings so much life and energy, again, especially in the first two acts.

Speaking of action, yep, this is by far the best action in a solo mcu movie. Its just so fun.

What kinda let's this down? The final act for me. I loved the homely, urban environment of San Francisco, and I adored the night time neon city, but to go from those to this magical village place with wide open areas that don't really offer much visually or practically.

Another thing as well is that I never really felt much tension, Shang Chi, as great of a main character he is, never seemed to be struggling whatsoever. Idk.

The emotional beats were wonderful, this villain really connected with me, and really has...actual good motivations.

Anyways, the first post credit scene was probably the best post credit scene in the mcu.

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