Another Round

Another Round ★★★

”Have I become boring?”

Someone once said to me: “the first sip of a good glass of wine or whiskey is the best, and every subsequent mouthful is merely chasing the memory of the first sip.”

This charming, if not particularly insightful film about men trying to find themselves when their lostness is debatable, reminded me of that saying.

We watch on as these middle aged men use their ennui and intellect as justification for using alcohol to combat the stagnation in their lives, and chase the memory of their lost youth.

Happiness wasn’t found at the bottom of the glass, but we did find Mads doing jazz ballet at the end of the movie so, we kinda won I suppose. Protect Mads at all costs.

Life Advice Corner: Never use Ernest Hemingway as a model for daily living…or Winston Churchill…nothing good will come from that.

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