The Fall

The Fall ★★★★½

Tarsem Singh may divide opinion with his output but there is no doubt that he is exceptional when it comes to visuals. Its just the story that is usually the problem.

In this though he manages to combine incredible visuals(seriously this has to be seen on blu ray on the biggest screen possible) with an engaging story backed up with great performances from a not very well known group of actors.

This movie is beautiful. There is no other adequate way to describe it. Its entirely possible to lose yourself in some of the imagery presented. no CGI at all makes this even more impressive and one of the best looking films you will ever see.

Lee Pace (who was the only actor i recognised when i first watched it) who you may know from the short lived but wonderful tv show "Pushing Daisies" carries the film very well with his narration and has a very sweet relationship and chemistry with the little girl. Catinca Untaru is very sweet and although english was obviously not her first language she's very sweet and nails the emotional moments that she has to give.

I do remember when i first watched this and my brother walked in, took one look said this is weird and immediately walked out *shakes head*. so it may not be for everyone lol. But once you see it once it will stick with you for a while and i guarantee you wont forget it. Highest recommendation.

and if you need one more thing to convince you. This film has charles darwin wearing a big red fur coat and his best friend is a monkey called wallace. Tell me you don't want to watch that

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