Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman ★★★★½

I think, when people think of a hero, they see someone who possess the components of the best of us. They think of an individual - man or woman - who can inspire kindness and peace, despite the overarching chaos around them. It is rare - in 2017 - to see a feature film that focuses so much on delivering a lead who is so genuine. Everything Gal Gadot's Diana/Wonder Woman does is real - you can feel it. You feel her mourning, happiness, heartbreak and - most importantly - love. When people look back on the comic book genre in a hundred years time, I think Patty Jenkins' 'Wonder Woman' will be a prime example of what the genre can be. This is not a perfect film, but, it is one of few examples where I forgot the lead was an actress. There is a moment in the movie - about an hour in -  where Diana discovers snow. Like most of Jenkins' moments of brilliance, it is subtle. In that scenario, I forgot I was watching a film. I totally believed Diana Prince - THE WONDER WOMAN - was on-screen. She was there, in the flesh. 

I mean, if your movie does that, that's just brilliant.

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