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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman

    Finally rewatched this movie- my thoughts are semi long, and I’m screaming into the void.

    Fiction in my mind is either truly reflective of the world its set in, perhaps its a pure fantasy world with subtle similar machinations- or a parable of the world we are in. This falls in the parable category. A pop coloured moral story.

    Seeing the discourse regarding this film sour over the past few months have been interesting (not unlike the same discourse that…

  • Gravity



    Screw it- my first five star rating on this site will be for Gravity (Edit: Bo Burnham’s Inside, Titanic and Curious Case of Benjamin Button joins this group), which I just rewatched in 3D in the dark, on the biggest screen I had.

    What Alfonso and Bullock create is a pure adrenaline rush from the first minute to the last. The CGI holds up incredibly well still today, the 3D is arguably the best use in history and that soundtrack…

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  • HAIM / Valentine

    HAIM / Valentine

    The Road To Licorice Pizza (#4)

    Sorry, I was waiting for ACTION!

    Last one for this week, considering Licorice Pizza isn’t for some months- however I wanted just take in this short 3 track live recording of the band HAIM (Alana Haim appears in Pizza) playing songs from their second album.
    PTA was great to just float through these studio performances- and their first track ‘Right Now’ sounds better here than on the album.
    Give it a listen/watch here : Haim/Valentine

    The Road To Licorice Pizza

  • The Dirk Diggler Story

    The Dirk Diggler Story

    The Road To Licorice Pizza (#3)

    What can you say. He was a star.

    Oh- there would be no Boogie Nights without The Dirk Diggler Story. PTA learnt a lot from this to perfect his film about the porn industry in LA. Unfortunately this had aged terribly, it’s not as funny as it should be, and it’s hard to take seriously.
    It’s a typical first film. 
    A testing ground.
    If you watched this and then Phantom Thread back to back- it would give you whiplash to the point of vomiting.

    The Road To Licorice Pizza

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