Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes ★★★

Absolutely no fucking body: 
Millie Bobby Brown: I’m Enola, which spelled Alone in backwards 

Why do i have a feeling that before directing this movie , Harry Bradbeer watched The Wold Of Wall Street and said , yeah man why not? Martn Scorsese is not better than me and Leonardo DiCaprio is not better than MBB, let’s break the 4th wall, I mean, you know that feeling when you learn a new technique and you start putting it in every single thing , yep that’s the same situation, MBB literally rapped the 4th wall , tbh at some situations it was very good but at some points ut bacame so much
Let’s talk about the cast, at first MBB , when you bring possibly the best u-18 actress and you give her a role in Arthur Conan Doyle’s world, im not sayin she was bad but i really expected a lot more especially that she broke the 4th wall a lot as i said but at some scenes I really felt that she still needs a lot, TBH, i hate Stranger Things but I can’t say that MBB is a bad actress, i mean, this girl is literally 16 and she stares a movie in Arthur Conan’s world that’s a very bit thing for a 16 year old actress 

As a very big fan of Sherlock the series, watched this movie and i was just hooping that Henry Cavil’s Sherlock may get me cringed at some points, can’t say that at sometimes he didn’t, but if you told me that the thing that will make you cringe is the fact that Netflix at this movie decided to make some feminism scenes OMFS that was so cringe 
Don’t really have much talk about Sam Claffin’s Mycroft Holmess but he was good

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