The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

"Hate is all I've ever known, but I wish to be free of it"

Immaculate storytelling, the path of revenge wasnt a straight forward cliche take, it was filled with so many dramatic character defining moments. Absolutely Brilliant!!

a Spectacle is what this movie is.
That final act ohh my it's just picturesque, revenge of the sith type spectacle just 10x more gritty real dramatic just wow..

ALEXANDER SKARSGARD WOW!!!!!! give this man an Oscar nomination right the fuck now!! Fuck me he was soo good, every moment he's not speaking you can see the thoughts in his head through his eyes just wow!

The only thing I'd change is for it to be a little faster with the pace although it is a nitpick so whatever, other than that this movie is fucking amazing!

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