Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★½

Sundance film #6

Had to sit on this for a bit since I’m conflicted. The build up is great, acts one and two take there time for us to know and connect with our characters. The premise of Don’t Speak Evil is a Danish family visiting a Dutch family after they meet on a holiday and get an invitation to their house. From there things slowly unfold as the Danish realizes the people they are staying with are a bit fucked up and not who they say they are. The plot sounds familiar to what you’ve heard or seen in the past and it does. I get a lot vibes from other films, such as Oldboy (2003), Lamb (2021), Midsommar (2019) and Hostel (2005). It’s an interesting combination for sure. The third act is where shit hits the fan and everything is uncovered, after watching this it’ll definitely give you a WTF reaction 😮 and maybe a disappointed or confused one because that’s how I left feeling. Also at the end a lot didn’t make sense to me and didn’t like it at all, but thinking about it now it certainly has grown on me a bit and I’m slowly piecing things together. This is definitely a film I’ll need to rewatch again to see how I’ll feel about it and catch things I didn’t the first time. I guess the moral of the story is trust yourself and don’t trust strangers who you just met; it’s a fine execution. 

Sidenote: I will say due to all the films I’ve seen at Sundance I’ve been jotting down most my thoughts first after seeing a film and thinking about it later on. Since I’m watching a lot, I’ve been kinda behind on Uni but the biggest impact would be my sleep schedule 💀 Either way I’m having a lot of fun and I’m super grateful for this opportunity to see most these films early.

Grade: D
2022 ranked: boxd.it/eSI0a 
Sundance 2022 ranked: boxd.it/f9Gee
⏪ Resurrection 
⏩ Jeen-yuhs

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