Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★

This is my new nyquil or melotonin, will put the average cinephile to sleep; highly recommended.

Was planning on seeing this in theaters, but I wanted to rewatch doctor strange; however that also meant having to start wandavision. I’ll get to the shows at some point. Anyways back to my point, I asked someone for a recap and got that, but didn’t have motivation to rewatch the first one, so I waited. I guess you can throw in the fact that disney had 70+ screenings of this shit. Eventually I realized I don’t have to catch up with the lore and I saw the damn thing. More like Multiverse of mumbo jumbo. Since I didn’t care for anything and the story was already down the drain 3 minutes in. “But visuals can save it am I right?!” I do think some visuals or sets look ehh, but other than that, I feel nothing. This is the equivalent to adding a little hot sauce on a plain meal.

I know I sound like a marvel hater, but trust me when I say I enjoy a good marvel flick here and there. Phase 4 has been really disappointing. Raimi’s influence feels reduced, you can feel some aspects of it but it only lasts 5-10 minutes, like he only showed up for a couple days; the rest is Feige pulling all the strings and putting everything together with glue, except it crumbles. MCU is the drake of cinema, they get good features/directors and have a nice beat (these are the visuals) but album (or song)/movie is shit or mid at the end of the day. Lowkey don’t care about the new characters, they die in like 5 minutes. Fabian 🍿 told me agent carter becomes captain uk 💀 he was right I did not miss jack shit. They go to more universes in everything everywhere, I can name like all of them and here it’s like what 1? or 2? 🤷‍♂️ Also let this sub genre of multiverse movies die, it started good with spiderverse, then peaked at NWH or everything everywhere.

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