Cyrano ★★★

Wait a minute… this isn’t the Game of Thrones movie 💀 but seriously Cyrano wasn’t a movie I planned to go see, I saw the trailer and it felt cheesy, kinda cringe and predictable. However the trailer did teach me the story about Cyrano beforehand and it’s a great premise, btw this is my first Joe Wright film, so my curiosity peaked a bit. After seeing it, I liked it and thought it was pretty good. Peter Dinklage was amazing as Cyrano, glad to see him playing the main lead. He’s a poet, solider and swashbuckler. Haley Bennett was stellar as Roxanne, the love interest and has a lot of great chemistry and moments with Cyrano and Christian (the other guy who Roxanne falls in love with). I thought Roxanne was played by Jennifer Lawrence at first, since both actresses look similar. The singing from Pete and Haley was fantastic. The costumes and set design were phenomenal, 1600’s France looks great here! The sword fights and choreography was amazing.

As for the negatives I’d say: it drags on a bit, some songs are hit or miss for me and at times it was a bit predictable and cheesy, but in a good and light hearted way. If this we’re made in the 2000’s or a couple years back I think it would’ve been a huge hit and got a lot of recognition. Still I recommend checking this out, especially if your a fan of Wright’s work, musicians, period pieces, etc. Hopefully it spreads via word of mouth and makes a lot of money in the box office.

Grade: C

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